We encountered significant challenges regarding the availability of competitively priced Cellular Trail Camera options in the New Zealand market. Among those available locally, some exhibited subpar quality, were marked with excessive pricing, or delivered a less-than-satisfactory customer support experience.

In response to these challenges, we expanded our search extensively to identify a trail camera supplier that not only manufactures high-quality cameras at a good price point but also offers exceptional image quality, user-friendly mobile apps, and an easy to navigate cloud platform with some impressive AI species detection capabilities.

WiseEye Technologies exceeds our expectations on all fronts. Their camera design is exceptional, providing clear and high-quality images. Additionally, their AI-specific detection capabilities are truly impressive and deliver effective results.

We are delighted to partner with WiseEye Technologies here in New Zealand, and we are fully dedicated to upholding the exceptional standard of customer support and success that this company consistently provides to its valued customers.

No other 4G cellular camera in NZ offers the same exceptional value provided by the WiseEye Data Cam. WiseEye cameras set the standard with exceptional camera quality, crisp images and videos, species detection capabilities and automatically create activity charts from your images. Pattern deer (antlered, non-antlered), pigs, people, vehicles by time of day, weather, moon phase and more!

Check out the WiseEye DataCam Users FB group to read what owners think about WiseEye Cameras!  


We are the leading supplier of 4G Trail Camera solutions in New Zealand backed up by our exceptional Customer Service & Support.

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